Who We Are



We are experienced incident response professionals, cybersecurity experts, and insurance leaders with decades of collective experience.

Our experts use emerging technologies that enable organizations to heighten their resilience, fortify their defenses, and sustain their operations in the face of continuing and evolving threats.


Our Proven Success

With a track record of successfully guiding thousands of public and private sector clients through the most challenging cyber events, we provide unmatched expertise in data forensics, incident response, and cybersecurity consulting. Leveraging our strong relationships within the cyber insurance industry, we empower clients to effectively respond to sophisticated digital threats.

Extensive Networks

Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partnerships across the legal and cyber insurance industry create an ecosystem of support for clients. Insights into legal requirements and the changing insurance landscape shape our focus to provide meaningful impact before, during, and after an incident occurs.

What Sets Us Apart


Our experience and cutting-edge insights enhance resilience, optimize recovery from cyber-attacks, and establish robust cybersecurity practices. 


Harnessing emerging technologies and revolutionizing cybersecurity practices empowers clients to fortify their data and maximize their resilience to evolving threats.


SOLVE client issues efficiently and expediently

EXECUTE precisely

DELIVER what we promise

SUPPORT client goals

HELP victims of cyber attacks

INNOVATE for and empower our clients to move forward


Our Team

Joe DePaul Headshot | IronGate

Joe DePaul

Chief Revenue Officer and Chief Operating Officer/Co-Founder
Steve Ramey Headshot | IronGate

Steve Ramey

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder

Hillary Parkins

Director, Business Development

Driven by Solutions

Learn more about our approach at IronGate. We collaborate with the cybersecurity solutions ecosystem to provide the solutions our clients need now and in the future.

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