How We Work



Driven by Solutions

We work with the entire cybersecurity solutions ecosystem to ensure we are providing the solutions our clients need today and in the future.

  • Legal and Data Privacy Teams 
  • Insurance Carriers and Brokers
  • Technology and Security Providers
  • Insureds and their Clients

Agile and Scalable Solutions

Before, During, and After a Breach


Program Management
  • Determines maturity of your cybersecurity program.
  • Tailors enhanced strategy aligned with regulatory, insurance, and business requirements.
Program Advisory:
  • Manages your cybersecurity program via virtual CISO services.


DFIR Services
  • Investigate, contain, and eradicate an incident.
Remediation Services:
  • Assist MSP and IT teams in recovering, rebuilding, and restoring IT systems and business operations.


  • Apply lessons learned from response and forensic investigation.
  • Enhance end-user training, security controls, and cyber threat knowledge.

Experiencing a Cybersecurity Event?

Consider these steps.

1. Isolate and contain the breach:
Consider disconnecting the systems from the network or internet

2. Preserve volatile information:
Transfer logs from firewalls or VPN devices to external persistent storage

3. Notify Support Teams:
Contact your cyber insurance provider, Breach Coach, or Incident Response Provider

If you don’t have either, contact us to help you through these steps

Why IronGate

At IronGate, we have devoted our career to comprehending the requirements of diverse industries in order to safeguard your valuable assets. With a proven track record of trust and transparency, we are adept at discovering tailored solutions for your unique needs.

Do You Have an Incident Response Plan?

Establish a clear plan before an event occurs to reduce the time to recovery.

Contact us today to help with developing or testing your incident response procedures.