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Active Defense Cybersecurity Services proactively identify and mitigate potential cyber threats before they impact your organization.

Utilizing emerging threat actor techniques, threat intelligence, and incident response strategies, these services continuously safeguard your digital assets and network infrastructure. By staying ahead of emerging threats and adapting to the evolving cybersecurity landscape, Active Defense ensures robust and resilient protection for your organization's sensitive data and systems.

How We Help

  • Assess – Our tailored assessments and penetration tests are designed to meet your organization's unique needs and objectives. We offer scalable evaluations, led by deeply experienced experts, across a diverse range of systems and industries including legal, financial, utilities, and healthcare sectors. Our approach helps organizations pinpoint their risks and effectively allocate resources to safeguard their critical information.

  • Advise – Benefit from our extensive expertise in security and technology. We possess a profound knowledge of various federal, state, and industry regulations and standards, and a proven history in delivering effective business and cybersecurity compliance solutions.

  • Train – Whether it's through our threat briefings or in-person workshops, our training programs equip your employees with essential skills to maintain information security and comply with regulatory standards.

Trainer teaching employee how to use a program on ipad

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Navigate through the complex maze of state, federal, and industry regulations.

Our Governance, Risk & Compliance services not only focus on leading practices but also on the risks involved in developing information security programs and processes, ensuring your business remains compliant and secure. 



Security Operation (SecOps) Services

Our services assist organizations in securely assessing the effectiveness of their security standards by fostering a proactive stance toward enhanced cybersecurity maturity. By blending manual and automated methods, our bespoke security testing services equip teams with the ability to identify vulnerabilities from the perspective of a potential adversary, enhancing their defensive capabilities.


IronGate team member monitoring security standards for client.

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