Insurance Advisory Services



IronGate supports the insurance supply chain between underwriters, claims, and brokers.

Through our insurance advisory services, IronGate plays a key role in providing technical expertise and knowledge that helps cyber insurance underwriters and brokers identify risk or compensating controls during the application process.

Cyber Risk Engineer

  • Cyber Risk Engineer services provide essential support to cyber insurance product teams, utilizing technical expertise to identify and evaluate risks during the cyber insurance application process.

  • Bolster your product team with critical support in identifying risks throughout the underwriting process.

  • These services play a pivotal role in crafting training materials that keep underwriting and claims teams updated on the latest developments and trends in the industry.

  • Additionally, they contribute to thought leadership by authoring and publishing insightful articles, thereby enhancing the team's knowledge and expertise in the rapidly evolving cyber risk landscape.

Claims teams and brokers meeting

Claims Teams and Brokers

  • Our shadow investigations assist claims professionals with knowledge on findings or provide clarification on findings.

  • During the course of our Incident Response work, we review invoices to assist with betterment identification or clarify duplicative roles between vendors to reduce claims payouts.

Underwriters, Brokers, and Insureds

  • Our cybersecurity consultative pro-active services offered to insureds can include incident response planning, tabletop exercises, executive briefings, phishing assessments, and many more that can be specifically designed for your insureds.

  • Our tailored training services enhance understanding of industry trends, applicant responses, and investigative findings for claims professionals and underwriting personnel to increase their technical expertise.

Underwriters and brokers working at computers

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