Security Operation (SecOps) Services



Hunting for Threats to Safeguard Networks from Attacks.

At IronGate, we focus on finding potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities using industry-leading proactive measures while training internal teams on how to stay vigilant. Evaluate your response times, ensure compliance with vendor agreements, and simulate adversarial actions to verify the effectiveness of your detection and response strategies.

vCISO Services

Whether serving as a strategic advisor to train your board on the latest industry trends and regulatory changes or acting as an augmented program manager to develop and maintain robust cybersecurity programs, our vCISO services adapt to your unique challenges.

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Offensive Exercises

Creating an environment for an organization to safely evaluate the performance of its security standards is a proactive approach to network security posture. While the design of an exercise will be unique, it will always have two common elements: specific metrics to be tested and coordination with our client.

  • Red Team Exercises – Simulate specific attacks with the end goal of assessing the defensive capability of an organization. In this type of exercise, the offensive team does not have a line of communication with the defensive team. Communication is handled through a facilitator at the organization.

  • Blue Team Exercises – Develop robust detection and monitoring capabilities to improve response times.

  • Purple Team Exercises – Red and blue teams working together to identify vulnerabilities and improve detection on the spot. 

  • Tabletop Exercises – Verbal or written simulations where we walk the team through a scenario and ask questions to determine their level of readiness for specific attacks. The goal is to determine where processes and procedures can be improved.

Security Advisory & Consulting

IronGate's cybersecurity assessments are enriched with real-world insights gained from handling cybersecurity incidents, including ransomware and business email compromises (BEC). Our evaluations align with industry-leading frameworks like NIST Cybersecurity Framework and ISO 27001.

  • Architecture Reviews – Most reviews of this type will involve the desire to understand your risks or improve your security posture of a specific element within the technical stack of your organization.

  • Security Stack Design – Security Stacks are several layered technology components that work together to create a secure condition within an organization. This service will analyze all fragments and their configurations and determine what can be changed to improve the security of the combined elements.

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